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12 weeks on T and not much fuzz to speak of. Oh well I’m still cute :p #bodypositive #trans #genderqueer #brownboi


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implied homosexuality is not representation

implied homosexuality is not representation

Things I’ve learned from going to the endocrinologists:
1. I am the youngest patient he probably deals with.
2. There is probably at least a 20-25 year age gap between me and the next youngest person.
3. Old folks don’t know how to silence their phones so you hear every boop and beep of them typing and playing games.
4. Older couples tend to have matching walkers and that’s pretty cute.
5. If a couple in their 40s come together the man will look constipated and uncomfortable the whole time which leads me to believe they’re here for him.
6. The old ladies who are over 80 are the sweetest ones.
7. The receptionist and nurses light up a little if you compliment their scrubs or something they’re wearing. (I learned this when I was a kid going to my moms work at the hospital.)
8. You will wait 15-20 minutes minimum every time even if you check in early.

nice friend person: hey, how've you been?
me: capitalism is crushing me. i am barely surviving. i am full of toxic resentment. i want revenge.